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Geigenbau Winterling GmbH

Geigenbau Winterling GmbH ist one of the very old Violin Making Shops in Europe, one of the oldest ones in Germany serving all belonges in violin making.

It was founded 1890 by Georg Winterling in Hamburg. Master Winterling was a very good maker and as well firm in dealing and restoring bowed instruments. Soon the enterprise growed and he made two of his co-workers to associates. In 1920 Georg Winterling moved to Crailling – close to Munich – and the shop was handed over to Mr. Schreiber and Mr. Lugert.
Over several generations the enterprise was handed from one master to the next. Each one had his own focus.

Since 2009 violin making master Eduard Schwen heads the enterprise. In 2014 he was awarded with a gold medal by an International Violin Making Competition in Moscow for a scale copy of a cello.

2016 it was reorganised as a GmbH (ltd.), Mr. Schwen has his responsibility by holding prokura.

The focus of Geigenbau Winterling GmbH is beside making instruments on an individual basis the restoring of instruments as well as dealing with fine old instruments and bows. There is a huge selection for sale.

The expertise of Mr. Schwen is eminent for the shop.

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